Prices Effective Starting March 1st

Colon Hydrotherapy

1 Colon Hydrotherapy session

Package Pricing

3 sessions
$249.00 ($83/each)

*Good for someone who is doing “seasonal cleansing” or it’s been a while and they need a reboot!

5 sessions
$400.00 ($80/each)

*This is great for someone just starting out with cleansing. It’s a deep cleanse that will hydrate your body. This is when you notice the benefits of colon hydrotherapy. You will feel amazing!

10 sessions
$770.00 ($77/each)

*This package is for those who are serious about cleansing and are ready to make a lifestyle change. Get ready to embark on your new journey to wellness!

Your therapist will talk with you during your first visit and recommend what they think is right for you based on your individual needs.

*Packages are valid for 6 months from date of purchase


Infrared Sauna

Regular Price
Discount Price (if doing together with colonics)

1 45 Minute Session
3 45 Minute Session
5 45 Minute Session
Unlimited use (once daily)
$129 First Month (appointment only)

Do you want to lose weight, get rid of cellulite, get rid of toxins, burn 300-600 calories or possibly lower your blood pressure just by relaxing?  Then book an appointment in our Sunlighten Infrared Sauna.